Balance Repair Tires


Balancing a Tire Wheel Weight for Balancing a Tire

An imporperly or unblanced tire can lead to a vibration at high speeds. To ensure a smooth ride tires need to be balanced. Tires are balanced using wheel weights, these weights weigh down the heavy or light part of the tire to ensure a smooth ride for the passenger. Alliance Discount Tire caries a diverse amount of wheel weights in stock so the the appropiate type can be used for every wheel.


Tire Repair

If you have a flat tire, most likely it can be repaired, using a plug, patch, or by cleaning the rim. Innertubes can also be fixed by using a patch. We guarentee our repairs, so if it still leaks bring it back and we will take care the problem.


Upclose Picture of Tire Tread

We are a Goodyear authorized dealer. We can get most any major brand of tire you re looking for, whether it be for your car, SUV, truck, ATV, mower, or farm implement. If we can't get the tire you are looking for, bring them in and we will mount them up for you. Our stock of used tires is constantly changing, to see if we have your size please call or stop by. If we do have your size, used tires generally run $45 per tire installed or $30 per tire carryout.